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Certified Probate and Trust Specialist

We specialize in helping Successor Trustees, Executors and Personal Representatives market and sell properties with the best results possible, providing clear documentation every step of the way. We are proud to serve as trusted advisors to our clients!


Home Preparation

Trustees have a fiduciary responsibility to the beneficiaries of the trust, and minimizing risk and liability is the priority. In these cases, an As-Is sale may be the preferred route. We have an excellent track record of achieving great results and multiple offers in this situation, even if the home is in disrepair.

In some cases, families are eager to undergo a few pre-sale home preparations in order to maximize the profit for the estate. We are here to make sure these are done strategically, cost effectively, and with vetted and licensed professionals. You remain in control; we are just here to take all the administrative work off your plate.


Liability Management

Clear documentation of any home improvement costs, detailed seller disclosures, and thorough records of marketing efforts are very important aspects of liability management for a Trustee. We provide you with the records you need and help you every step of the way.


Superior Results

Our track record of achieving record sales prices, despite the condition of the home, gives our clients, whether they are Attorneys, Professional Trustees, or Successor Trustees, the confidence to hire us again and again.

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We understand that each of our real estate clients has a unique set of perspectives and goals. We design custom solutions that protect their time, limit their risk, and maximize their profit at every step or the journey providing peace of mind while accomplishing their goals.

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