Downsizing! What do I do with all of this STUFF?

Downsizing! What do I do with all of this STUFF?

  • Kirsten Reilly
  • 11/28/23

Moving can be an overwhelming thought! It can sometimes feel exciting or scary, sometimes it can spark joy, or trigger sadness. Coming to the decision to move is a big one, and the best of plans can be derailed by this big obstacle: What will I do with all my stuff?? 

We all collect things over the years. As a Realtor I have seen every level of clutter… it’s very normal! What is also normal is our attachment to it.  Kids art, Grandma’s hummel collection, the wedding china, the antique hutch that is in mint condition, etc.  It can be very hard to know what to do with it all.  Here are the top considerations as you tackle this job:

  1. There are professionals that help people with this! Sometimes they are “Professional Organizers” sometimes they are called “Estate Liquidators,” and they are tremendously helpful!  We have connections to these professionals, so ask us for a referral.
  2. Estate sales are costly and take 2-3 weeks to plan and hold, and you have to have enough sales to make it worth it. Some are on-site, and some are “virtual.” However, many people don’t break even. A professional Estate Liquidator or Organizer can advise you.
  3. Consignment stores are very picky about the items they agree to take.
  4. Donations are a popular way to upcycle items and keep our stuff out of landfills. Think about your favorite charities or ask your Realtor or Estate Liquidator/Professional Organizer for ideas!
  5. Photos and kids’ art can be digitized and kept forever on your computer for easy access any time! This service is sometimes offered by Mail/Printing Centers for example.
  6. Garage sales can be fun, especially if you coordinate with your friends in the neighborhood.
  7. And my final tip… remember to lean on your Realtor! We help people with this task all the time.  Even if you’ve inherited a home and live far away, we can help guide you and take work off your plate.


I hope this is a helpful topic, especially for anyone thinking of a move next year. It’s the perfect time to start planning or reaching out for advice.  We are always ready to help.



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Downsizing! What do I do with all of this STUFF?
Downsizing! What do I do with all of this STUFF?

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